Matcha Farben

Organic Matcha & Tea Powder

 The Japanese have been drinking it for centuries, but outside of Japan matcha has only started its triumphal march in recent years and it has quickly become a staple in international tea shelves.

Here at KEIKO, we grind matcha freshly on Japanese granite stone mills at our site in Diepholz since 2012.

Bringing the Production to Germany  avoids long sea transport in order to preserve the flavours and ingredients in the best possible way.

In addition to the freshly ground traditional Matcha made from fully shaded Tencha, the KEIKO range also includes tea powder made from Kabusecha half-shade tea, as well as Special Tea Powder - tea powder made from special cultivars or with a different processing than classic Matcha, as well as blends refined with natural additives for lattes or for use in the kitchen.