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To avoid long transport routes and the associated loss of quality, KEIKO Matcha is freshly ground on site in Diepholz on original Japanese granite stone Tencha mills. For maximum flavour and active ingredients!
Hidden Champion
Mulberry Leaf Tea
Mildly sweet, relaxing and soothing. Mulberry leaves are ideal as a caffeine-free alternative or supplement to green tea. But there's even more to this tea!
Teegedeck mit Schokolade

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Seasonal recommendations

Enjoy springtime in your cup!

Kabuse Sencha Tasting Set - Organic Japanese Green Tea
Can't decide which tea should be your next? Looking for the perfect gift for a tea-enthusiast (to be)? This Tasting Set gives you the opportunity to test five of the KEIKO teas of the early first plucking to explore the different flavours - find your personal favourite.The set contains 15g of each tea variety: Kabuse Diamond LeafKabuse Tenbu FukaKabuse DanKabuse SoshunKabuse Tenko<h3>Tea Tasting Notes</h3>Also included is a notebook where you can record the results and observations from your tastings. The notebook contains info and tips on preparation and 20 evaluation pages that give clues on what to look for when tea tasting and help visualise the diversity of varieties, the influence of preparation on taste and the classification of flavours (German language, CO2 neutral printed on 100% recycled paper).The notebook is in German only, but you can download an English translation for it here.<h3>Kabusecha</h3>Kabusecha or Kabuse Sencha stands for shaded Sencha. For this green tea, the tea plants are shaded with special nets before harvesting. The nets allow only about half of the light to pass through, which means that the plants produce a high content of chlorophyll and other active substances and at the same time few bitter substances. Their characteristic "shade aroma" is called "ooika".<h3>Fukamushicha</h3>The teas in this set have all been intensively steamed (fukamushi-cha, 100 - 120 seconds steaming time). The gentle steaming opens the leaf pores and the extracts pass from the tea leaf more easily and quickly into the water. This can be recognised by the deep green colour of the tea in the cup and the yield of the tea - with top qualities like these, 4 infusions are possible!<h3>Preparation</h3>We recommend an infusion temperature of 60-65°C for these teas. Let the first infusion steep for about 1 minute, for later infusions just steep briefly and pour out after a few seconds. For the last infusion, the infusion time can be extended a little more to get all the goodness out of the tea. Intensely steamed early pluckings are also particularly suitable for cold infusions (Mizudashi). Even with cold water, you get an intense and refreshing tea after just a few minutes. Since the bitter substances do not dissolve as strongly in cold water, the sweetish aromas of Kabusecha come into their own. For a cold-brew steep the tea leaves in cold water for at least 5 Minutes.Incidentally, the early pluckings also have a particularly high theanine content, which is noticeable in the sweet taste and comes out best at a low infusion temperature!<h3>Storage</h3>In order to preserve the valuable aromas and ingredients of the tea in the best possible way, we ask you to close the bag tightly and store it in a cool, dark place in the fridge or freezer.

Content: 75 g (€53.27* / 100 g)

Shincha Sae Midori 2024 - Organic Japanese Green Tea
New in the KEIKO Shincha family: a sweet and aromatic Asamushi tea made from 100% Sae Midori with a silky-smooth sweetness, a full-bodied flavour with a long finish that is somewhat reminiscent of Gyokuro. Cultivation and processing Shincha - the ‘new tea’ heralds the start of the tea year every spring. The first tea from the fine, particularly aromatic leaf tips, which are harvested in the subtropical climate of Kagoshima as early as mid-April. Kabusecha is a green tea that is produced by shading the tea plants for 7-10 days before harvesting, which results in a high content of chlorophyll and other active ingredients and a low level of bitter substances. Their characteristic ‘shade flavour’ is called ‘ooika’. Early harvests such as Shincha Sae Midori also have a particularly high theanine content, which is noticeable in the sweet flavour and is particularly evident in the Sae Midori cultivar. Shincha Sae Midori is an asamushi tea, i.e. only lightly steamed. The leaves are therefore dark green, shiny and needle-shaped. The infusion is light green in the cup Preparation Due to the lower steaming, the tea extract dissolves somewhat more slowly than with intensively steamed teas - we recommend an infusion temperature of around 65°C and an infusion time of 70 seconds for the first infusion. For the second infusion, a brewing time of around 30 seconds is sufficient, after which it can be extended again. This tea also develops its wonderfully full flavour as a cold infusion after a slightly longer infusion time - the dosage can be increased depending on taste. Cultivar: 100% Sae Midori (Asamushi) from Yamaguchi-San in Satsuma-cho Storage To preserve the tea's valuable flavours and ingredients as much as possible, please close the bag tightly and store it in a cool, dark place in the fridge or freezer.

Content: 0.05 kg (€660.00* / 1 kg)


This product will be available from 31 May 2024

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Matcha Vollautomat

Matcha at the push of a button!

The fully automatic Matcha machine with integrated granite stone mills for freshly ground and perfectly foamed Matcha at the push of a button!

New: compostable pyramidal teabags!

Finally! Compostable teabags coming up!
Houroku Teeröster

Green Tea "with fire"

When it is getting colder outside, it is nice to have something warmer in the cup. Intensely fired green teas with their warm variety of flavours are particularly suitable.
Kaltaufguss im Glas

Mizudashi Cold Brew

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