Traditional Matcha

Directly translated, the term matcha simply means powdered tea. According to the traditional understanding, the following applies to real matcha:

  • Fully shaded tea: The tea plants are covered with nets that only allow about 10% of the light to pass through. This allows the plants to produce a lot of chlorophyll, theanine and caffeine, but few bitter flavours.
  • Tencha: After steaming, drying and breaking the harvested leaves, the leaf tissue is separated from the leaf veins in a stream of air. Only the delicate, flake-like leaf tissue parts called "tencha" are used.
  • Milled on granite stone mills: The slow-turning granite stones produce a unique fineness that not only creates a pleasant mouthfeel, but also a particularly aromatic, mild flavour compared to the faster matcha mills made of ceramic or other materials.

To avoid loss of quality due to long delivery times, we have brought KEIKO Matcha production to Diepholz.

Here, the matcha is bottled in a nitrogen atmosphere for long-lasting fresh enjoyment. This keeps the fine powder fresh for a particularly long time and minimises the ageing process.