Japan Oolong Afguss

Organic Oolong & Black Tea from Japan

Black tea is called Kōcha (紅茶) in Japan - directly translated, this means red tea and reflects the often slightly lighter amber to reddish cup colour of Japanese black tea.

In contrast to conventional black tea, the fermentation time for Japanese black tea is somewhat shorter and varieties are used that are traditionally used mainly for green tea.

This results in the unusual colouring and an extraordinary, fruity aromatic taste. KEIKO black teas come from Kawanabe from the KEIKO organic farm and from Yakushima, an island in the very south of Kagoshima Prefecture, which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and where the tea is grown in a small, traditional family business in the midst of ancient cedar forests between waterfalls and coral beaches.

Oolong tea, originally a Chinese speciality, is fermented a little less and is therefore somewhere between black and green teas. Oolong Karasu is characterised by an intense, soft sweetness and a particularly high yield.