Experience the multitude of applications for green tea in your kitchen. From the infused tea leaves to matcha and hojicha powder there is a myriad of ways to make use of the unique aroma, colour and ingrdients of green tea.
Try one of the recipes below or let yourself be inspired to creations of your own - even if it is just adding some green tea to your favorite dishes to give them a new twist!
You'll be surprised how versatile green tea in all its variations can be!




There are many ways to make a tasty matcha latte - depending on what materials and how much time you have available. So here are a few tips for preparation.

Green Tea Pesto

Green tea leaves contain many valuable active ingredients - even after they have been infused several times. So why not further utilise the delicate, aromatic tea leaves?


Apples give these muffins a juicy, fluffy texture, a handful of nuts provide bite, and the hojicha powder adds a surprising roasted tea flavor, somewhere between nut, cocoa, coffee - and tea!

Matcha Tiramisu

The italian classic with a japanese twist.
Soft Matcha Cookies with nuts

Soft Matcha Cookies

The green version of the classic, soft American cookies.