KEIKO Philosophy

Sustainability and environmental consciousness

All KEIKO teas are cultivated organically. Based on controlled organic cultivation, we continuously improve processes and structures in order to operate as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible.

We want to preserve the earth's ecosystem as the basis of life for humans and animals in the long term. That is why we attach great importance to purchasing environmentally friendly materials and means of production, efficient production and business processes with optimum utilisation of raw materials and the environmentally friendly disposal of consumables.

We do not use any genetically modified products. In addition, we only use green electricity from EWS Elektrizitätswerke Schönau and feed more than 100% of our own electricity consumption into the grid via our photovoltaic system. Wherever possible, we organise our sales activities by public transport or use our own company vehicles, which are powered by cars or natural gas.

We are also constantly on the lookout for more environmentally friendly materials for our packaging materials - always on the condition that the product quality is protected in the best possible way.

We are therefore very pleased with the new tea bags made from purely plant-based material that is compostable and free from crude oil components or other harmful substances! The sugar cane-based material also has very large pores so that the tea can release its flavour particularly well - for a wonderfully green tea enjoyment - in every aspect!

Dedication to Quality

KEIKO products stand for a unique flavour experience. Made from the best quality raw materials. For the fulfilment of the highest demands.

With care, diligence and expertise in all stages of production, from cultivation to bottling and storage, we guarantee consistently high product quality. To achieve this, we rely on certified production methods and regular quality controls as well as continuous testing and optimisation of all operational processes.

We also continuously strengthen the skills of our employees through regular product training and further training, while at the same time offering scope for personal initiative and individual development opportunities. Our aim is to offer Quality built on trust and transparency

Hastenpflug & Matsuzaki begutachten Teefeld

Sustainability in Partnerships

We stand by our customers, partners and suppliers with competence, kindness and fairness and cultivate an open, respectful communication. Feedback to our products and services is taken very seriously.

Our goal: sustainable, lasting relationships with our employees, partners and customers. To achieve this, we maintain an open and respectful dialogue both internally and externally.

Wir legen Wert darauf, dass sich unsere Mitarbeitenden mit den KEIKO-Produkten identifizieren können und unser Verantwortungs- und Qualitätsbewusstsein teilen. Dies fördern wir unter anderem durch Produktschulungen und Events, wie dem Shinchafestival, auf dem alle Mitarbeitenden in direktem Kundenkontakt stehen.

It is important to us that our employees can identify with KEIKO products and share our sense of responsibility and quality. We promote this through product training and events such as the Shinchafestival, where all employees are in direct contact with customers.

Matcha Vollautomat


Regular visits to trade fairs, monitoring the market and continuous training create an innovative and creative working environment.

New, attractive products characterise the KEIKO brand. Since 2012, for example, we have been working with a unique and exceptional quality technology for the production of matcha in Germany, bringing the first half-shade tea (kabusecha) from organic cultivation and the first matcha chocolate and mulberry leaf tea to Europe.

With the KEIKO Chado Mark 1 (see picture), we have now developed a fully automatic matcha machine that freshly grinds and whisks matcha at the touch of a button. This means that the catering industry is well equipped for the growing popularity of matcha and matcha-based mixed drinks!

The fresh milling of tencha on granite millstones at the touch of a button is a world first and enables the best possible matcha quality for the gastronomy sector.

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