Premium Green Tea

Premium quality is the result of a combination of organic cultivation, the selection of the best cultivars, perfect timing for shading and harvesting, and a great deal of finesse during processing.

 When the first lush green leaves push up against the shading nets in spring, the time has come to harvest the finest green teas. The first early pickings of the year are particularly aromatic and form the basis for the best green teas. Through careful processing, our colleagues on site then create the intense, soothing flavours that make the early plucks so special. To increase the quality, the tea plants are shaded with special nets before harvesting. 

This shading encourages the leaves to produce a particularly large amount of chlorophyll in order to carry out photosynthesis, thus developing a more intense flavour with fewer bitter substances. Our premium green teas are also particularly high yielding, rich in theanine and also suitable for Mizudashi cold brew.