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Product information "Tasting package"

Article no. 44444.1

The all-round carefree bundle for extensive tea tasting!
The package includes:

- Kabuse Sencha Tasting Set with 5x15g premium semi-shade green tea

- a classic Kyusu side handle pot (230ml) with integrated stainless steel strainer for preparation

- a tea thermometer

- a green tea info brochure with information about the teas, production and preparation. (Please note that the package automatically includes the GERMAN Info. Simply add the english version to your order for free if needed!)

Experiment with the water temperature, the dosage and the different varieties - there is so much to discover!

It's a long way to becoming a tea expert
And a great time getting there

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Kabuse Sencha Tasting Set - Organic Japanese Green Tea
Can't decide which tea should be your next? Looking for the perfect gift for a tea-enthusiast (to be)? This Tasting Set gives you the opportunity to test five of the KEIKO teas of the early first plucking to explore the different flavours - find your personal favourite.The set contains 15g of each tea variety: Kabuse Diamond LeafKabuse Tenbu FukaKabuse DanKabuse SoshunKabuse Tenko<h3>Tea Tasting Notes</h3>Also included is a notebook where you can record the results and observations from your tastings. The notebook contains info and tips on preparation and 20 evaluation pages that give clues on what to look for when tea tasting and help visualise the diversity of varieties, the influence of preparation on taste and the classification of flavours (German language, CO2 neutral printed on 100% recycled paper).The notebook is in German only, but you can download an English translation for it here.<h3>Kabusecha</h3>Kabusecha or Kabuse Sencha stands for shaded Sencha. For this green tea, the tea plants are shaded with special nets before harvesting. The nets allow only about half of the light to pass through, which means that the plants produce a high content of chlorophyll and other active substances and at the same time few bitter substances. Their characteristic "shade aroma" is called "ooika".<h3>Fukamushicha</h3>The teas in this set have all been intensively steamed (fukamushi-cha, 100 - 120 seconds steaming time). The gentle steaming opens the leaf pores and the extracts pass from the tea leaf more easily and quickly into the water. This can be recognised by the deep green colour of the tea in the cup and the yield of the tea - with top qualities like these, 4 infusions are possible!<h3>Preparation</h3>We recommend an infusion temperature of 60-65°C for these teas. Let the first infusion steep for about 1 minute, for later infusions just steep briefly and pour out after a few seconds. For the last infusion, the infusion time can be extended a little more to get all the goodness out of the tea. Intensely steamed early pluckings are also particularly suitable for cold infusions (Mizudashi). Even with cold water, you get an intense and refreshing tea after just a few minutes. Since the bitter substances do not dissolve as strongly in cold water, the sweetish aromas of Kabusecha come into their own. For a cold-brew steep the tea leaves in cold water for at least 5 Minutes.Incidentally, the early pluckings also have a particularly high theanine content, which is noticeable in the sweet taste and comes out best at a low infusion temperature!<h3>Storage</h3>In order to preserve the valuable aromas and ingredients of the tea in the best possible way, we ask you to close the bag tightly and store it in a cool, dark place in the fridge or freezer.

Content: 75 g (€53.27* / 100 g)

Matcha Package
An ideal starter package at a special price with:- a 30g tin of freshly milled Matcha Premium.- a bamboo measuring spoon.- a bamboo matcha whisk size 80.- a matcha whisk holder.- a matcha bowl in light green with a classic bulbous shape that offers plenty of room to whisk it up!In the enclosed Matcha info brochure you will also find information on cultivation, production, varieties and preparation.(Please note that the package automatically includes the GERMAN Info. Simply add the english version to your order for free if needed!

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Thermometer, plastic
Item No. 40182.1 A tea-thermometer is a must for the tea-perfectionist. The right water temperature is crucial for achieving the best possible aroma, taste and extract content. High quality thermometer, measuring range -10°C to +100°C, 14cm with plastic case

Kyusu-Kännchen, rot, glatt, 140 ml
Item no.: 41103.1Small, red kyusu with smooth, glossy finish and integrated stainless steel strainer.Japanese kyusu side handle teapots are ideal for brewing green tea.The tea leaves can unfold freely in the pot and are retained by an integrated strainer in front of the spout during infusion.The filling quantity of the pot should be chosen in such a way that the tea can be completely distributed over the cup(s) provided and no water remains in the pot.The leaves remain in the pot and are then simply brewed again briefly with water for further infusions.<h3>Dimensions</h3>Filling capacity: 140 mlFor 1-2 persons . <h3>Variations</h3>Please note that the shape, color and size of the tea ceramics may vary slightly!In particular, this applies to pots, which are all at least partially handmade.CleaningFor cleaning in everyday use, simply knock out the tea set and rinse well with clean water also through the strainer. If, after prolonged use, the strainer has slowly become clogged, here are instructions for the care and cleaning of your teapot - for unadulterated tea enjoyment: Cleaning instructions for teapots.

Gyokuro Package
A small package for big connoisseurs with:- 50g Gyokuro Kiwami- a handmade Kyusu side handle teapot with clay strainer by ceramic artist Gyokkouat a special price compared to the individual prices!

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Cooling vessel, light with ring
Item no.: 40360.1 Green tea is commonly not infused with boiling water. Nevertheless, we recommend boiling the water once, as this softens it and reduces the lime content. To cool down the water, the Japanese then use so-called yuzamashi - cooling vessels with a spout. By decanting, the temperature drops a little faster and the elegant, simple vessel looks good with any tea set. Also practical: If you want to fill several cups, you can first pour the tea into the cooling vessel and then pour it out. So you make sure that the tea is equally strong in all cups. And if the cups are already full but there is still tea left in the pot, the tea can be temporarily stored in the cooling pot without it 'bittering' due to too long brewing time in the pot. This cooling pot has a slightly uneven, corrugated surface with practical recessed grips and is covered with a glossy glaze of a very light gray with slight hints of rosé. A fine gray line is painted in the center.The thick-walled clay vessel is easy to handle even in hot temperatures. Dimensions Filling capacity 260 ml14 x 10 x 11 cm

Small Tasting Teacups, Set of 5
Item no.: 40303.1 Set of 5 small porcelain tea cups. Well suited for fine teas prepared in small portions (and usually relatively strong) and for tastings. Maximum filling quantity 70 ml each.Dimensions: 4.8 x 6 cmThe filling quantities are measured to the rim in each case - the actual quantity in daily use is somewhat smaller. Please note that the shape, colour and size of the tea pottery may vary slightly!