Kabuse Powder No. 2 - Organic half-shaded Tea Powder


Content: 0.05 kg (€239.00* / 1 kg)
Product number: 21387.1
Product information "Kabuse Powder No. 2 - Organic half-shaded Tea Powder"

Dosierung 0,5-2 g

Temperature 80-90°

Cold infusions

A significantly tart green tea powder of the 2nd picking in June, which is versatile in green tea cuisine due to its strong aroma. Ideal for sweetened drinks such as mixed drinks, ice cream and other desserts, but also e.g. for cosmetic applications.

Kabuse Powder

Kabuse Powder, unlike Matcha, is not extracted from Tencha but from the whole tea leaf. Also, the tea plants for Kabuse powder are shaded by 50% instead of 90% and thus grow in half shade. By grinding from the whole leaf, the Kabuse powder contains more tannins than Matcha and has a stronger taste. The strong green color and its stronger aroma bring out the full green tea taste. Whether in cocktails, ice cream or milkshakes, Kabuse powder is an all-rounder.


In order to preserve the precious flavours and ingredients of the powder in the best possible way, we recommend to seal the bag well and store it in a cool and dark place, ideally in your refridgerator or freezer.


Ingredients: 100% Grüntee aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau
Origin: Japan -Kagoshima
Degree of steaming: Fukamushi- deeply steamed
Dregree of shading: Half shade (7 - 10 days)

Nutritional information per 100g

1 Energy [kJ]: 1247.000000
1 of which saturated fats [g]: 1.1
1 Fat [g]: 2.9
1 Carbohydrates [g]: 23.4

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Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten leckeres Matcha-Eis zu zaubern - einfach ein gekauftes Eis verfeinern, ein cremiges, veganes Matcha-Banana (N)ice Cream oder ein selbst gemachtes Grüntee-Eisparfait. Schlemmen Sie sich durch den Sommer!


Besonders geeignet für dieses Rezept sind Kabuse Pulver No.1 und 2 oder die Matcha Blends. Ein ideales Rezept um Bananen mit Druckstellen oder braunen Flecken zu verwerten!


Mehl, Zucker, Zitronensaft, kleingeschnittene Butter, Backpulver, Kabuse Pulver und Vanillezucker in eine Schüssel füllen. Mit den Fingerspitzen zu Streuseln verarbeiten.

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