Tekiro - Organic Japanese Matcha


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Product information "Tekiro - Organic Japanese Matcha"

Dosierung 0,5-2 g

Temperature 80-90°

Cold infusions

Matcha Tekiro is characterized above all by its fresh, slightly grassy and almost sweet fruity taste. A delicate tart note is found here combined with an intense fragrance and jade green foam. Matcha Tekiro is ideal for thin liquid preparation (Usucha).

Genuine Japanese Matcha freshly ground in Germany

The tea plants from which Matcha is made are traditionally 90% shaded. The plants develop a lot of chlorophyll, theanine and caffeine, but slightly fewer bitter substances. After steaming & drying the tea leaves, the leaf tissue is separated from the leaf veins. The delicate, flake-like leaf tissue particles are called "Tencha" and are later very slowly ground into high-quality Matcha on traditional granite stone mills. In order to preserve the sensitive ingredients in the best possible way, we at KEIKO grind the Matcha on genuine Japanese granite stone mills directly at our location in Diepholz, fresh when required. Did you know that traditional Matcha develops uniquely fine aromas, from mild and nut-like to intensive and grassy thanks to the elaborate production techniques?


In order to preserve the precious aromas and ingredients of Matcha in the best possible way, we recommend to seal the Matcha well and store it in a cool and dark place.


Ingredients: 100% Japan Bio-Tencha vermahlen in Deutschland
Origin: Deutschland
Dregree of shading: Full shade

Nutritional information per 100g

1 Energy [kJ]: 1304.000000
1 Fat [g]: 3.7
1 Carbohydrates [g]: 19.6
1 of which saturated fats [g]: 1.3

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10 November 2022 14:54

Hier stimmt einfach alles

Ich muss zugeben, dass ich kein Matcha Kenner bin und eigentlich nur nach einer Alternative zum guten alten Kaffee gesucht habe, aber die Keiko Tees machen mich gerade definitiv zum Fan. Der Tekiro Matcha ist belebend und schmeckt angenehm mild und lecker und etwas weniger nussig als die Premium-Variante, die ich davor probiert habe, was dem Genuss aber überhaupt nicht schadet. Die Qualität ist soweit ich das beurteilen kann super, die Preise sind fair, und es handelt sich um eine Firma aus Deutschland in Kooperation mit einem japanischen Unternehmen (wem das, wie mir, wichtig ist). Was will man mehr? Ich werde auf jeden Fall das ganze Sortiment durchprobieren. Bin begeistert, danke Keiko!

28 March 2022 14:57

Alle Matcha Tees super lecker

Ich habe jetzt die Matcha Tees Supreme, Tekiro, Mantoku und Premium ausprobiert. Sind alle super lecker und absolut zu empfehlen - jeder auf seine Art. Auch der Service hier ist echt klasse. Ich gebe das auch gerne im Bekanntenkreis weiter. Fühle mich bei Keiko gut aufgehoben und werde hier weiterhin bestellen.

22 November 2020 12:26

Sehr feiner Matcha

Sehr guter Matcha! Habe diesen zum ersten Mal. Etwas besser Schmecken mir persönlich die Sorten Supreme und Mantoku, aber trotzdem ein toller Tee. Trinke ihn sehr gerne Vormittags.

2 June 2020 19:57

Tolle Matcha-Qualität

Das feine Pulver ergibt einen vollmundigen, süßen Tee mit einer dezent herben Note und sehr cremigem Schaum. Ich würde dieses Matcha-Pulver wieder kaufen.


Matcha Info Brochure, German
Item No. 60011.1 The info brochure offers an overview of the KEIKO Matcha and Kabuse Powder products as well as background information on the cultivation, processing and preparation. Language: German

Travel kit: Matcha whisk + spoon, large
Item No. 40218.1 Matcha travelkit consisting of a Matcha Whisk (Chasen) and a collapsible measuring spoon (Chashaku) held by a matching bamboo-tube. Measurements: Matcha whisk 11cm Matcha measuring spoon (unfolded) 15,5cm The handcrafted bamboo Matcha whisks are essential for creating the fine foam-top on your Matcha and making sure the powder dissolves without leaving lumps or a grainy texture. The finer the prongs of the whisk (indicated by a larger size) the better the results. For the easy preparation at home we recommend to first add only a small amount of water to the Matcha Powder and use the whisk to blend it to a smooth paste. Then add the rest of the water and whisk it up painting an M with the whisk with quick movements from the wrist. Matcha whisks are made from bamboo-sticks that are cut into fine prongs at the top and then bent into shape. The thicker the bamboo and the higher/sturdier the quality, the more prongs can be made, which is reflected in the different sizes (i.e. 80, 100, 120). Although the numbers traditionally refer to the amount of prongs, the width of the bamboo and the fineness of the prongs are actually more relevant to the size indications. You will notice that especially Usucha is easier to whisk up with a larger whisk. When a smaller Matcha bowl is used however, a slender whisk like this one is more suitable. Tip: Soak the Matcha whisk in water before using it, to soften the bamboo and avoid breakage.


Not available

Matcha measuring spoon, light bamboo
Item No. 40226.1 Matcha measuring spoon (Chashaku) made of bamboo. Use 1-2 heaped spoons of Matcha (per 100ml) for one bowl of Usucha. The exact amount can vary depending on the type of Matcha and your personal taste, but you will quickly find the right amount of Matcha for your taste after a few tries. Start with a higher dosage and if it is too strong add some extra water and use less powder the next time. Make sure the spoon does not get wet, since the water will roughen the surface making the powder stick to it. Clean with a dry cloth instead.

Matcha shaker
Item No. 42203 Preparing Matcha doesnt have to be complicated with this shaker your Matcha will be ready in seconds hot or cold and with a beautiful crema! Suitable for all green tea powders from Benifuuki Powder to Kabuse Powders and even traditional Matchas.

KEIKO Chews - chewy sweets, 55g
The exclusive Green Kiss chewy sweets are a speciality from the Kagoshima region in the south of Japan. They contain half shaded green tea, famous for its stimulating freshness and rich aroma. The Matcha powder ground from the tea leaves has been helping monks for many centuries to achieve spiritual refreshment and well-being during the long hours of meditation. KEIKO Matcha Chews have a small special feature: The individual sweets are wrapped in a delicate starch paper. THE INNER STARCH PAPER CAN BE EATEN WITH THE CANDY: NO NEED TO UNWRAP IT! It protects against sticking to the outer paper and dissolves in the mouth after a few seconds.

Content: 55 g (€0.09* / 1 g)


Not available