KEIKO Chews - chewy sweets, 55g


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Product information "KEIKO Chews - chewy sweets, 55g"

The exclusive Green Kiss chewy sweets are a speciality from the Kagoshima region in the south of Japan. They contain half shaded green tea, famous for its stimulating freshness and rich aroma. The Matcha powder ground from the tea leaves has been helping monks for many centuries to achieve spiritual refreshment and well-being during the long hours of meditation. KEIKO Matcha Chews have a small special feature: The individual sweets are wrapped in a delicate starch paper. THE INNER STARCH PAPER CAN BE EATEN WITH THE CANDY: NO NEED TO UNWRAP IT! It protects against sticking to the outer paper and dissolves in the mouth after a few seconds.


Ingredients: Stärke-Sirup aus japanischer Süßkartoffel, Zucker, Grünteepulver (3,6%)
Origin: Japan

Nutritional information per 100g

1 Energy [kJ]: 1522.000000
1 of which saturated fats [g]: 0.1
1 Fat [g]: 0.3
1 Carbohydrates [g]: 88.9

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23 April 2023 17:36

Zuerst etwas ungewohnt, da ich durch verzehrbares „Papier“ etwas verunsichert war. Aber angenehmer

Geschmack. Könnte mich daran gewöhnen.

21 September 2021 21:19

Super Bonbons- toller Geschmack.

Der Tee mit seiner sehr guten Qualität und die Matcha-Kaubonbons sind eine echte Entdeckung. Eine Delikatesse für zwischendurch oder als besonderer Nachtisch. Ich werde sie gerne weiter empfehlen. Herzliche Grüße Heike Schwerdtner-Weber

30 December 2019 20:25


Ungewöhnliche Kaubonbons, aber nicht wegen ihres Geschmacks oder Konsistenz, sondern wegen dem essbaren Papier, das nochmals um die Bonbons gewickelt wurde. Als ich das 1. essen wollte, versuchte ich verzweifelt, das Papier wegzufummeln, bis mir dann auffiel, dass der Hinweis auf der Verpackung steht "Papier essbar" :-) Tja, lesen müsste man können. Ich finde sie auf jeden Fall lecker und werde sie auch nachbestellen.

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Premium - Organic Japanese Matcha
The Matcha Premium has a very well-rounded taste. Slightly mild and nut-like it balances between tartness and sweetness. It has an intense fragrance and a strong green colour. Matcha Premium is particularly suitable for thin preparation (Usucha). Genuine Japanese Matcha freshly ground in Germany The tea plants from which Matcha is made are traditionally 90% shaded. The plants develop a lot of chlorophyll, theanine and caffeine, but slightly fewer bitter substances. After steaming & drying the tea leaves, the leaf tissue is separated from the leaf veins. The delicate, flake-like leaf tissue particles are called "Tencha" and are later very slowly ground into high-quality Matcha on traditional granite stone mills. In order to preserve the sensitive ingredients in the best possible way, we at KEIKO grind the Matcha on genuine Japanese granite stone mills directly at our location in Diepholz, fresh when required. Did you know that traditional Matcha develops uniquely fine aromas, from mild and nut-like to intensive and grassy thanks to the elaborate production techniques? Storage In order to preserve the precious aromas and ingredients of Matcha in the best possible way, we recommend to seal the Matcha well and store it in a cool and dark place.

Content: 0.03 kg (€860.00* / 1 kg)


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