Supreme - Organic Japanese Matcha


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Product information "Supreme - Organic Japanese Matcha"

Dosierung 0,5-2 g

Temperature 80-90°

Cold infusions

The Matcha Supreme is our mildest and yet most aromatic Matcha and is ideal for both connoisseurs and new discoverers of Matcha. It has a very intense colour and a complex scent. Matcha Supreme is characterized by its smooth, almost creamy taste and its intense yet mild aftertaste. Matcha Supreme is perfectly suited for the thick preparation as Koicha but is also a pleasure as Usucha.

Genuine Japanese Matcha freshly ground in Germany

The tea plants from which Matcha is made are traditionally 90% shaded. The plants develop a lot of chlorophyll, theanine and caffeine, but slightly fewer bitter substances. After steaming & drying the tea leaves, the leaf tissue is separated from the leaf veins. The delicate, flake-like leaf tissue particles are called "Tencha" and are later very slowly ground into high-quality Matcha on traditional granite stone mills. In order to preserve the sensitive ingredients in the best possible way, we at KEIKO grind the Matcha on genuine Japanese granite stone mills directly at our location in Diepholz, fresh when required. Did you know that traditional Matcha develops uniquely fine aromas, from mild and nut-like to intensive and grassy thanks to the elaborate production techniques?


In order to preserve the precious aromas and ingredients of Matcha in the best possible way, we recommend to seal the Matcha well and store it in a cool and dark place.


Ingredients: 100% Bio-Tencha vermahlen in Deutschland
Origin: Deutschland
Dregree of shading: Full shade

Nutritional information per 100g

1 Energy [kJ]: 1304.000000
1 Fat [g]: 3.7
1 Carbohydrates [g]: 19.6

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13 December 2023 13:26

Bester Matcha den ich je hatte

Oh yeah, so delicious. Nachdem ich mehrere Matchas über Amazon und andere Versandhäuser ausprobiert habe bin ich bei diesem hier hängen geblieben (10+ Matchas ausprobiert). Dieser hier ist mit Abstand der Beste den ich je hatte, er umgarnt meinen Gaumen und bereitet mir eine Wonne. Habe leider noch keinen super hochpreisigen probieren können (100€+ für 30g). Bitte weiter so!!!

1 September 2023 12:04

Sehr zu empfehlen

Erst mit diesem Matcha, konnte ich meine Lebenspartnerin vom gemeinsamen Matchagenuss überzeugen.

24 September 2022 06:55


Super Matcha Qualität!!! Schmeckt hervorragend! Ich kaufe jetzt nur noch diesen Matcha!

19 September 2022 17:30

Toller Teegeschmack

Echt lecker, mild und cremig.

14 June 2022 21:30

Koicha Genuss

Der milde Matcha habe ich erst „Usucha“ schaumiger Tee probiert. Mild aber mundvolle schöne Aroma. Dann habe ich mutig „Koicha“ gemacht. Der war sehr gut!

17 April 2022 16:06

Bester Matcha Tee ever

Diese milden Toffee - Noten des Supreme sind immer ein Genuss. Sehr ausgewogen läuft der Matcha über die Geschmacksnerven und man hat das Gefühl, eine leckere Köstlichkeit schmilzt gerade wie ein grünes Sahnebonbon im Mund. Aber auch die anderen Matcha Tees finde ich echt klasse wenn mir mal der Sinn nach etwas Herberem ist. Auch vom Service bin ich jedes mal aufs Neue begeistert. Sowohl die Tees als auch das Unternehmen sind sehr zu empfehlen.

11 April 2022 21:18

Ein ganz wunderbar aromatischer Matchatee, mit tollem Duft und Geschmack, mein Favorit.

Sehr gut!

23 June 2021 13:14

Preis-Leistung gut. Geruch positiv überrascht

Ich habe jetzt schon mehrere Matcha auch von unterschiedlichen Herstellern probiert und dieser hier ist in seiner Preisklasse mit am besten. Preis-Leistung find ich gut. Ich kaufe immer die 50g Packung. Vom Geschmack würde ich ihn als cremig und leicht nussig beschreiben. Vorallem der intensive Duft hat mich positiv überrascht Kann ich gerne weiterempfehlen.

10 December 2020 12:53


Let’s do the Matcha, Baby! Ich bin total geflasht. Als Jahrzehntelange Grüntee- und Matcha Trinkerin bin ich hochwertige Tees gewohnt. Und dieser Matcha übertrifft es bei weitem! Dieser Duft....dieses herrliche, kräftige Grün...dieses cremige Mundgefühl....diese Aromen....vollmundig....Umami....HOCHGENUSS!

12 November 2020 21:31

Sehr gut

Ein sehr guter Geschmack, einfach nicht vergleichbar mit den üblich günstig erhältlichen Matcha. Dieser Matcha hat fast keine Bitterkeit.


Matcha Info Brochure, German
Item No. 60011.1 The info brochure offers an overview of the KEIKO Matcha and Kabuse Powder products as well as background information on the cultivation, processing and preparation. Language: German

Matcha whisk, light, size 120
Item No. 40209.1 Matcha-whisk (Chasen) in size 120 made from golden bamboo an especially sturdy and durable type of bamboo. The handcrafted bamboo Matcha whisks are essential for creating the fine foam-top on your Matcha and making sure the powder dissolves without leaving lumps or a grainy texture. The finer the prongs of the whisk (indicated by a larger size) the better the results. For the easy preparation at home we recommend to first add only a small amount of water to the Matcha Powder and use the whisk to blend it to a smooth paste. Then add the rest of the water and whisk it up painting an M with the whisk with quick movements from the wrist. Matcha whisks are made from bamboo-sticks that are cut into fine prongs at the top and then bent into shape. The thicker the bamboo and the higher/sturdier the quality, the more prongs can be made, which is reflected in the different sizes (i.e. 80, 100, 120). Although the numbers traditionally refer to the amount of prongs, the width of the bamboo and the fineness of the prongs are actually more relevant to the size indications. You will notice that especially Usucha is easier to whisk up with a larger whisk. When a smaller Matcha bowl is used however, a slender whisk is more suitable. Tip: Soak the Matcha whisk in water before using it, to soften the bamboo and avoid breakage. Also the bamboo will return to its natural straight shape after a while, to keep the shape as long as possible we recommend storing it on a Kusenaoshi-stand.


Not available

Matcha measuring spoon, light bamboo
Item No. 40226.1 Matcha measuring spoon (Chashaku) made of bamboo. Use 1-2 heaped spoons of Matcha (per 100ml) for one bowl of Usucha. The exact amount can vary depending on the type of Matcha and your personal taste, but you will quickly find the right amount of Matcha for your taste after a few tries. Start with a higher dosage and if it is too strong add some extra water and use less powder the next time. Make sure the spoon does not get wet, since the water will roughen the surface making the powder stick to it. Clean with a dry cloth instead.

Matcha shaker
Item No. 42203 Preparing Matcha doesnt have to be complicated with this shaker your Matcha will be ready in seconds hot or cold and with a beautiful crema! Suitable for all green tea powders from Benifuuki Powder to Kabuse Powders and even traditional Matchas.



Diamond Leaf - Organic Japanese Green Tea
This spring tea is harvested in mid-April, after the first leaf buds have opened. Only the most tender leaves are used. Diamond Leaf has a rich, unforgettably fruity aroma and a lovely flowery scent that radiates anticipation as soon as the tin is opened. Kabusecha Kabusecha is a green tea for which the tea plants are shaded, thus forming a high content of chlorophyll and other active ingredients and at the same time little bitter substances. Their characteristic "shade aroma" is called "ooika". Fukamushicha   Like many KEIKO teas, this is an intensively steamed tea (Fukamushi-cha, 100 - 120 seconds steaming time). Due to the gentle steaming process, the leaf pores open and the extracts from the tea leaf reach the water more easily and quickly. This can be recognized by the deep green tea colour in the cup and the yield of the tea - with top qualities up to 4 infusions are possible! Cold Brew       Intensively steamed early pickings are also particularly suitable for cold infusions (Mizudashi or Cold Brew). By infusing the leaves with cold water you will get an intensive and refreshing tea after only a few minutes. Since the bitter substances do not dissolve as strongly in cold water, the sweet aromas of the Kabusecha are especially noticeable. Storage In order to preserve the precious flavours and ingredients of the tea as best as possible, we ask you to seal the bag well and store it cool and dark - ideally in your refrigerator or freezer. 

Content: 0.1 kg (€475.00* / 1 kg)

Shincha Yume 2024 - Organic Japanese Green Tea
A harmonious, multi-layered tea with a velvet-like soft texture, that develops into a fruity sweetness on the tongue. This year, we have once again refined the dream flavour of the Yume Kaori cultivar with the sweet note of the Sae Midori cultivar. Special features Shincha - the ‘new tea’ heralds the start of the tea year every spring. The first tea from the fine, particularly aromatic leaf tips, which are harvested in the subtropical climate of Kagoshima as early as mid-April. In order to capture the fresh flavour in the best possible way, shincha is dried a little lighter than usual for sencha in the final processing stage, giving the teas a special freshness that seems particularly pronounced in Shincha Yume. Cultivars: 70% Yume Kaori from the KEIKO organic farm in Kawanabe (Chiran) 30% Sae Midori from the Komaki brothers (Minami-Satsuma) Kabusecha is a green tea produced by shading the tea plants for a period of 7-10 days before harvesting, which results in a high content of chlorophyll and other active ingredients and a low level of bitterness. Their characteristic ‘shade flavour’ is called ‘ooika’. Early harvests such as Shincha Yume also have a particularly high theanine content, which is noticeable in the sweet flavour. Preparation We recommend an infusion temperature of around 60°C for a particularly round, flowery flavour. Leave the first infusion to infuse for about 1 minute. A few seconds are then enough to extract the flavour from the leaves. For the last infusion, you can increase the infusion time again to tease out all the flavour. If the tea still turns out stronger than desired, the flavour intensity can be slightly adjusted by adding a little more water. Deep steamed early harvests are particularly suitable for cold infusions (mizudashi). Even with cold water, Shincha Yume develops a particularly silky texture and a refreshing clarity of flavour after just 5 minutes of infusion. The sweet theanine notes also come into their own particularly well, as the bitter substances do not dissolve as much in cold water. Storage To preserve the tea's valuable flavours and ingredients as much as possible, please close the bag tightly and store it in a cool, dark place in the fridge or freezer.

Content: 0.05 kg (€640.00* / 1 kg)