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Benifuuki No. 2 - Organic Japanese Green Tea
Benifuuki No. 2 - Organic Japanese Green Tea

The "Catechin tea" from the 2nd picking with a particularly high content of the catechin EGCG3 as...

This Japanese green tea from the 2nd picking is very tenderly fermented. It is made from the tea variety "Benifuuki". This is characterized by a particularly high content of the special active ingredient epigallocatechin gallate 3 (EGCG...
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Mini Matcha bowl, tsubaki camelia

Mini Matcha bowl with camellia „Tsubaki“.

Item No. 40139.1 Decorative Mini Matcha bowl (Nodate Chawan) with red camellia blossoms (“Tsubaki”) painted on the outside and inside rim, creating a beautiful contrast with the bright green of Matcha. The bowl is about 6,5cm high and...
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Teacup, white with blue splash, 140ml

White porcelain teacup with blue splashes, 140ml

Item No. 40105.1 White teacup from porcelain, each uniquely decorated with a splash of blue colour. Maximum capacity 140ml Measurements; 7,7 x 6cm The filling capacities of the teaware are always measured up to the edge - the actual...
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Travel kit: Matcha whisk + spoon, small

Matcha travelkit with Matcha whisk, measuring spoon and a bamboo-container, small

Item No. 40219.1 Matcha travelkit consisting of a Matcha Whisk (“Chasen”) and a collapsible measuring spoon (“Chashaku”) held by a matching bamboo-tube. Measurements: Matcha whisk 8,5cm Matcha measuring spoon (unfolded) 13cm The...
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Kyusu teapot, brown-green

Small Kyusu Teapot in varying patterns and earthen colours. Maximum capacity 120ml.

Item No. 40033.1 These practical little Kyusu teapots are perfect for one person. They come in variations of beige, brown and green with alternating patterns on body and lid. The pictures are examples. Kyusu side handle teapots are ideal...
€19.90 *
Japanese tea-filters

Practical Japanese tea-filters for cups, 60 pieces

Item No. 40164.1 The saving grace when there is no Kyusu handy: fillable tea bags! Simply insert your favourite tea, upend the rim of the teabag so they stay snugly inside and infuse! For Green Tea, filling the teabag to about one third...
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11569-1_683_shop Shiso Natural

Shiso for seasoning and as herbal tea, relaxing and invigorating.

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10095-1_682_shop Shiso Finest Selection

Shiso for seasoning and as a relaxing and invigorating herbal tea - 10g make 150 portions.

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40226-1_560-1-min Matcha measuring spoon, light bamboo

Light Matcha measuring spoon made of bamboo

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39765_202_shop-classic-drops KEIKO Classic Matcha Drops, 75g, Organic

Stimulating hard candy with the natural ingredients of Matcha green tea.

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Tee-Broschuere-191127-A Green Tea Info Brochure, German

Overview of the KEIKO Green Tea products and background information on cultivation, processing...

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526_b_k Thermometer, plastic

Tea thermometer with plastic case.

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Kabuse No. 1 - Organic Japanese Green Tea Kabuse No. 1 - Organic Japanese Green Tea

Kabuse No. 1 is the prime tea of the first main picking in May. It has a full, lively aroma and a...

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Keiko_Info_Broschuere_Matcha_Web_Seite_01 Matcha Info Brochure, German

Overview of the KEIKO Matcha and Kabuse Powder products and background information on the...

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