easy Ice Tea - Kabuse Sencha with Matcha in teabags


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Product information "easy Ice Tea - Kabuse Sencha with Matcha in teabags"

Temperature 123 55-70°

Infusions 3

Brewing time 30-60 sek

Cold infusions

Even when infused with cold water, the easy Ice Tea develops a beautiful green colour and the refreshing, almost sweet Kabusecha taste.

Teabags are now compostable!

The tea bag material "Neo Soilon" is sugar cane-based and GMO-free and can be disposed of in your home compost.
You can find more information here.

The practical triangle tea bags contain kabusecha from the 1st and 2nd planting as well as a small amount of hojicha and matcha. Kabusecha is a green tea that is produced by shading the tea plants, which results in a high content of chlorophyll and other active ingredients and a low level of bitter substances. Its characteristic "shade flavour" is called "ooika".

As a mizudashi, the easy ice tea can be served iced "on the rocks" and is an ideal refreshment - all you need is a container and cold water!

Preparation is super quick and the infused tea stays fresh and bright green for a long time! Whether at home, in the office, during sport, at a picnic or when travelling, this tea is an absolute must in summer!

And the best thing is:

Tipp: if it's too fresh for an iced tea, the bags can also be infused with hot water - bringing out the warming roasted flavours of the hojicha. Also great for using up the remnants of supper when autumn arrives- the roasty notes fit perfectly then!




Hot infusion: after 1-2 minutes infusion time at a water temperature of 65-70°C, squeeze out the bag well with a spoon and set aside for later infusions with a shorter infusion time.

Mizudashi cold infusion: The easiest and quickest way to prepare it is in a bottle: put the bag in, put the lid on, shake vigorously - ready to enjoy! In the cup or carafe, squeeze out the tea bag with a spoon if necessary and stir until the tea takes on its beautiful green colour. The tea bag can simply remain in the bottle or carafe and the water can be refilled if necessary - the tannins hardly dissolve in the cold infusion, so that the tea does not develop any bitterness even after a longer infusion time, while the amino acid L-theanine gives the tea a pleasant sweetness.

Dear easy Ice Tea also tastes wonderful on its own, but if you like a little variety, add fresh berries, mint, lemon balm or slices of lime!

Easy Ice Tea is very economical: each of these bags makes one to two litres of tea, hot or cold!



To preserve the tea's valuable flavours and ingredients as much as possible, please close the bag tightly and store it in a cool, dark place.



Ingredients: 100%Kabusecha(green tea) from certified organic cultivation
Origin: Japan -Kagoshima
Degree of steaming: Fukamushi- deeply steamed
Dregree of shading: Half shade (7 - 10 days)

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5 July 2023 19:57


Unkomplizierte Zubereitung und herrlich erfrischend.Perfekt für den Sommer.

New: compostable pyramidal teabags!

Finally! Compostable teabags coming up!

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