Genmaicha with Matcha - Organic Japanese Green Tea


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Product information "Genmaicha with Matcha - Organic Japanese Green Tea"

Dosierung 1 TL (gestr.-geh.)

Temperature 123 55-70°

Infusions 3

Brewing time 30-60 sek

Kabuse Genmaicha + Matcha is a traditional speciality made of green tea mixed with roasted rice (Genmai) and fresh green tea powder (Matcha).

Kabusecha from the second picking is used for the KEIKO Genmaicha + Matcha creating a full flavour with a pleasant roasted note in the infusion. The Matcha Powder adds a magnificent, intense green colour as well as all its nutrients and aroma to the mix.

The rich aroma makes Genmaicha a popular accompaniment to meals. When it is cold, the pleasant roasting aromas warm up, but even on warm days, a cold Genmaicha (prepared hot as usual and then set in the fridge to cool down) is a wonderful refreshment.


In order to preserve the precious flavours and ingredients of the tea as best as possible, we ask you to seal the bag well and store it cool and dark - ideally in your refrigerator or freezer.


Ingredients: 100%Kabusecha(green tea) from certified organic cultivation , Genmaicha (Grüner Tee, Röstreis), 3%Matcha(100% bio)
Origin: Japan -Kagoshima
Degree of steaming: Fukamushi- deeply steamed
Dregree of shading: Half shade (7 - 10 days)

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15 October 2023 16:27

Sehr lecker

Einer der wenigen Grüntees, die mir auch in Deutschland richtig gut schmecken

5 July 2022 15:06

Feiner grüner Tee mit Röstaromen

Wir haben diesen Tee im Teehaus in Bad Langensalza kennengelernt. Seit dem ist das unser Lieblingstee und wir haben schon oft nachbestellt.

15 January 2022 20:37

Sehr leckerer Tee

Schmeckt mir sehr gut, angenehme Röstnote. Kann mehrmals aufgegessen werden.

30 January 2020 22:00

rauchig nussiger Grüntee

der Genmaicha schmeckt rauchig nussig, haselnussähnlich. Nicht jedermanns Sache. Mir schmeckt es.


Green Tea Info Brochure, German
Item No. 60000.1 The info brochure offers an overview of the KEIKO Green Tea products as well as background information on cultivation, processing and preparation of the tea. Language: German



Genmai roasted rice - Organic
Roasted rice to refine leaf and powdered tea, Matcha latte, desserts, salads and other dishes. Lends a pleasant roasted note to your creations and makes for a crispy addition to desserts or salads. To create your very own Genmaicha, simply add a teaspoon of Genmai to your favourite tea in the pot and pour. This way, you can also give later, weaker infusions extra pep!

Content: 50 g (€0.18* / 1 g)

Hojicha - Organic Japanese Green Tea
Hojicha (or: Houjicha) is a roasted green tea. The name is composed of the word 'hojiru' for 'toast' and the 'cha' for 'tea'. With a Horoku tea roaster you can even roast your own hojicha from your favourite green tea. KEIKO Hojicha is made from Kabusecha of the 1st and 2nd picking. Hojicha is probably the only green tea that has the right to have a red-brown cup colour. What otherwise indicates a lack of quality is in this case desired. Hochija is a great companion in both the cold and warm seasons. With its warm, mild and nut-like roasting aromas, a hot Hojicha is just right to warm up after a long winter walk. In Japan, Hojicha is often drunk with the whole family at dinner. But it is also great in the summer as a cold refreshment when you are out and about, doing sports or just to accompany your meals. Storage In order to preserve the precious flavours and ingredients of the tea as best as possible, we recommend to seal the bag well and store it cool and dark - ideally in your refrigerator or freezer. 

Content: 0.05 kg (€179.00* / 1 kg)