Mulberry Leaf Tea - Organic


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Product information "Mulberry Leaf Tea - Organic"

The mulberry trees of the Morus Alba variety are cultivated on a family farm in Thailand according to EU organic guidelines before they are steamed just as gently using the Sencha method and processed with the same machines as Japanese green tea, thus preserving the sensitive ingredients in the best possible way.
When infused, the tea is mild and subtly sweet with a fine herbal aroma. With a stronger dosage, the tea develops a heavier, round - almost malty aroma. It is pleasantly relaxing and soothing and is ideal as a caffeine-free alternative or complement to green tea in the evening.


Infuse the mulberry leaf tea with boiling hot water for at least 4 minutes. We recommend 1-2 teaspoons per 250ml cup. A second infusion is possible, as with green tea.

For a milder green tea taste, you can mix the mulberry leaves with green tea leaves. The ideal blend is with Benifuuk tea. The sweet notes of the mulberry leaves balance out the tart flavour of the Benifuuki tea, complementing the catechin-rich tea with its own richness of active ingredients.

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Read more about the origin, production and properties of mulberry leaves in our blog post.


Ingredients: 100% Maulbeerblätter aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau
Origin: Thailand
Degree of steaming: Fukamushi- deeply steamed

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17 March 2024 16:40

Mein neuer Lieblingstee für abends

und eine teeinfreie Alternative zu grünem Tee.

Our feedback: Danke - das freut uns zu hören!

28 August 2023 15:54

Sehr angenehmster Tee

Trinke diesen Tee sehr gerne. Geschmacklich angenehm, außerdem sehr gesund.

15 June 2023 13:06


Geschmackvoll und gesunder

23 April 2023 17:36


Trinke diesen Tee sehr gerne, war mir vorher nicht bekannt. Soll gesundheitlich sich ausgleichend auf den Blutdruck auswirken.

18 January 2023 07:11

Feiner Geschmack und gesund

Dieser Tee schmeckt angenehm mild und soll noch sehr viele positive Wirkungen auf die Gesundheit zu haben. Perfekt - warum ist dieser Tee nicht bekannter?

3 January 2023 15:26

Sehr zufrieden

Bin mit dem BIO MAULBEERBLÄTTER-TEE wie bei allen bisher bei Keiko bestellten Artikeln sehr zufrieden

14 August 2021 16:27


der Tee hält nachhaltig meinen Blutdruck auf einem normalen Niveau 130/120 zu 80/75 einfach Spitze

13 October 2020 13:37

ein super Tee, hat sofort Wirkung gezeigt bei meinem Blutdruck

kann nur den Maulbeerblättertee empfehlen

10 October 2020 10:34

Bio Maulbeerblätter-Tee

Der Tee schmeckt vorzüglich, habe mich genau an die Zubereitungsanweisung gehalten. Mehrere Aufgüsse (bis zu 3) sind möglich. Der Geschmack ist leicht süßlich, mild und sehr weich. Ich würde den Tee uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen. Die Blutzuckerwerte habe ich noch nicht im Vergleich zu vorher gemessen, da ich den Tee erst ein paar Mal getrunken habe.

Hidden champion: Mulberry leaf tea

Mulberry leaf tea is mildly sweet in aroma and has a relaxing and soothing effect. It is ideal as a caffeine-free alternative to green tea for the evening.


Mulberry Leaf Powder - Organic
The mild and sweet aroma of mulberry leaves has a relaxing and soothing effect. The color, especially in powder form, is similar to matcha tea with its fresh light green hue. In terms of taste, the powder is reminiscent of a mild matcha with the slightly nutty note of nettle tea. It is not for nothing that the powder of ground mulberry leaves is popularly used in Japan for caffeine-free "matcha lattes". This may be attributed to the fact that the mulberry leaves are steamed and processed just as gently as Japanese green tea, which also preserves the sensitive ingredients in the best possible way. Whipped up like matcha or matcha latte, it is an ideal caffeine-free and milder alternative or can be used as a complement to matcha for the evening. Mulberry leaves do particularly well as a balancing component in more tart teas such as Benifuuki powder - here the sweet aroma creates a pleasant balance. With its wealth of active ingredients the powder also makes for a valuable addition to green smoothies.

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Teacup large, artisan edition, porcelain, 290ml
Item No. 40206.1 Beautifully delicate, white teacup made on a hand operated potters wheel in a small manufacture in Germany. The cup has a silky matte surface on the outside and a glossy, thin celadon-glaze on the inside. The slightly translucent, thin and lightweight composition of the porcelain make this cup a delight to drink from. Each of these handcrafted cups is unique, so shape, colour or size may vary slightly while small particles of ash may leave beauty marks on the cup, giving each its own allure. Maximum capacity 290ml Measurements: 10,5 x 6,7cm The teacup can be cleaned in the dishwasher.