Hojicha Powder Organic Japanese Green Tea Powder


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Product information "Hojicha Powder Organic Japanese Green Tea Powder"

Temperature 80-90°

Cold infusions

Versatile and with a wonderful roasted aroma - Hojicha powder is an innovation that the matcha world has been missing and certainly has the potential to convince one or two cappuccino lovers who find matcha too green and grassy.

Hojicha is a roasted green tea. The name is composed of the word 'hojiru' for 'roast' and the 'cha' of 'tea'. With a Horoku tea roaster, you can even roast your own Hojicha from your favourite green tea. KEIKO Hojicha contains 1st and 2nd plucking Kabusecha.

Hojicha is a great companion in both the cold and warm seasons.

With its warm, slightly nutty roasted aromas, a hot Hojicha latte is just the thing to warm you up again after a long winter walk and also goes wonderfully with a wide variety of biscuits and cake creations.
In summer, it is ideal as an iced latte, as a frappé with ice cream or as a pudding! You can find inspiration for processing at www.keiko.de/rezepte.

Tip: The Hojicha powder can make the dough a little dry when baking - therefore, if necessary, dose the moist components a little higher when adding the powder to a regular recipe.


To preserve the valuable flavours and ingredients of the tea as best as possible, please close the bag tightly and store it in a cool and dark place.


Ingredients: 100%Kabusecha(green tea) from certified organic cultivation
Origin: Japan -Kagoshima
Degree of steaming: Chumushi- mormal steaming , Irimushi- ultra-high temperature steaming
Dregree of shading: Half shade (7 - 10 days)

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There are many ways to make a tasty matcha latte - depending on what materials and how much time you have available. So here are a few tips for preparation.


Apples give these muffins a juicy, fluffy texture, a handful of nuts provide bite, and the hojicha powder adds a surprising roasted tea flavor, somewhere between nut, cocoa, coffee - and tea!

Green Tea "with fire"

When it is getting colder outside, it is nice to have something warmer in the cup. Intensely fired green teas with their warm variety of flavours are particularly suitable.


Hojicha - Organic Japanese Green Tea
Hojicha (or: Houjicha) is a roasted green tea. The name is composed of the word 'hojiru' for 'toast' and the 'cha' for 'tea'. With a Horoku tea roaster you can even roast your own hojicha from your favourite green tea. KEIKO Hojicha is made from Kabusecha of the 1st and 2nd picking. Hojicha is probably the only green tea that has the right to have a red-brown cup colour. What otherwise indicates a lack of quality is in this case desired. Hochija is a great companion in both the cold and warm seasons. With its warm, mild and nut-like roasting aromas, a hot Hojicha is just right to warm up after a long winter walk. In Japan, Hojicha is often drunk with the whole family at dinner. But it is also great in the summer as a cold refreshment when you are out and about, doing sports or just to accompany your meals. Storage In order to preserve the precious flavours and ingredients of the tea as best as possible, we recommend to seal the bag well and store it cool and dark - ideally in your refrigerator or freezer. 

Content: 0.05 kg (€179.00* / 1 kg)

Benifuuki Powder - Organic Japanese Tea Powder
The tea variety Benifuuki is characterised by a particularly high content of catechins (EGCG and EGCG3) which are readily available to the body and for this reason it is often drunk in Japan for allergies such as hay fever. For the first time we offer the tea variety Benifuuki not only as leaf tea, but also as a golden green powder, which we can grind very finely and freshly right on our stone mills here on site. One strong or two light portions per day are recommended. Due to its intensive aroma it is very economical in use. Already half the usual dosage results in a finely fragrant, particularly good foaming tea. Aficionados like to drink it pure. For those who find the taste too tart, we recommend a mild dosage, a combination with mild mulberry leaf powder or use as a supplement in drinks and food. Prepared with a little water and lemon and/or apple juice, it is, for example, a sparkling refreshing drink. Storage In order to preserve the precious flavours and ingredients of the powder in the best possible way, we recommend to seal the bag well and store it in a cool and dark place, ideally in your refridgerator or freezer.

Content: 0.05 kg (€399.00* / 1 kg)



Matcha whisk, light, size 80
Item No. 40115.1 The classic among the Matcha whisks (Chasen) in size 80. The handcrafted bamboo Matcha whisks are essential for creating the fine foam-top on your Matcha and making sure the powder dissolves without leaving lumps or a grainy texture. The finer the prongs of the whisk (indicated by a larger size) the better the results. For the easy preparation at home we recommend to first add only a small amount of water to the Matcha Powder and use the whisk to blend it to a smooth paste. Then add the rest of the water and whisk it up painting an M with the whisk with quick movements from the wrist. Matcha whisks are made from bamboo-sticks that are cut into fine prongs at the top and then bent into shape. The thicker the bamboo and the higher/sturdier the quality, the more prongs can be made, which is reflected in the different sizes (i.e. 80, 100, 120). Although the numbers traditionally refer to the amount of prongs, the width of the bamboo and the fineness of the prongs are actually more relevant to the size indications. You will notice that especially Usucha is easier to whisk up with a larger whisk. When a smaller Matcha bowl is used however, a slender whisk is more suitable.

Matcha bowl, black
Item No. 40134.1 Matcha bowl (Chawan) from China with a glossy, black glaze. The uneven rim of the bowl is characteristic for the Japanese sense for finding beauty in imperfection and asymmetry. Seen from the side the variations in height resemble the silhouette of a hilly landscape. The bowl is about 8cm high and 12,8cm wide. Please note that the shape, colour and size of the tea ceramics can vary slightly! Matcha bowls are usually filled to only about one third with about 100ml per portion. The shape of the bowl is quite wide to leave enough room to easily whisk up your Matcha.

Tea roaster for Hojicha
Item No. 40180.1 Tea roaster (Horoku) for your homemade Hojicha! Simply fill the Horoku with the tea of your choice and roast on low temperature on your gas stove. Shake the Horoku a few times and enjoy the fantastic smell in between. Take off the heat once you have reached the desired degree of roasting. This may be just slightly bronzed or roasted to a dark brown colour depending on your taste we recommend to prepare a little cuppa in different stages of roasting to experience the full range of aroma Hojija has to offer! Tip: Any green tea can be used for your personalized Hojicha. In Japan popular blends often include Kukicha (stem tea). The KEIKO Hojicha is made of a blend of Kabusecha from the first and second picking.