Glassbowl blue, small

Large blue translucent glass bowl

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Item No. 40198.2 Large Bowl for sweets, desserts or decoration from heavy, thick glass which... more
Glassbowl blue, small

Item No. 40198.2

Large Bowl for sweets, desserts or decoration from heavy, thick glass which appears light and airy thanks to the translucent light-blue colour. Diameter: 16cm
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40093-1_494-side-min Teacup, light-gray, furrowed, 390ml

Large clay teacup with a light gray and white glaze, 390ml

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40121-1_554b-side Matcha bowl, white-brown

White Mino-Yaki Matcha bowl (Chawan) from Gifu with brown brush strokes.

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Mini Matcha bowl with moon rabbit "Tsuki no Usagi".

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40203-Becher-Mythos-Basic-2 Drinking glass, 250ml

Elegantly wavy and very durable drinking glass.

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40077_436-side Teacup, blue glaze, 170ml

Clay teacup with a sky blue glaze, 185ml

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Tee-Broschuere-191127-A Green Tea Info Brochure, German

Overview of the KEIKO Green Tea products and background information on cultivation, processing...

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Benifuuki Info Leaflet, German Benifuuki Info Leaflet, German

Info leaflet about the tea cultivar Benifuuki.

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Light blue Matcha whisk stand

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19655_134_shop-No2 Kabuse No. 2 - Organic Japanese Green Tea

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Shincha (the "new tea") is made from the first tender leaves of spring - a seasonal tea that...

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40213-1-Besenhalter-tuerkis-shop Matcha whisk stand, turquoise

Blue-green Matcha whisk stand

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40159-1_716top-min Bamboo tray

Bamboo tray

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34010-1_shop-Matcha-Tafel-vegan KEIKO Matcha Vegan - Matcha bar, 30g organic

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21356_shop Premium - Organic Japanese Matcha

The classic among our Kagoshima Matchas with a mild and nut-like taste. Freshly ground in Germany.

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40300-1_561-d Matcha whisk, dark, size 80

Matcha whisk made from dark bamboo for the preparation of Matcha tea, size 80

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40222-1side-min Matcha bowl, blue-green texture

Matcha bowl with a speckled glaze in blue and green.

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40184-1_531-3-side-min Thermos-Jug with pump

Thermos-Jug with pump, 2,2l

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526_b_k Thermometer, plastic

Tea thermometer with plastic case.

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Stimulating hard candy with the natural ingredients of Matcha green tea.

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Stimulating chewy candy with the natural ingredients of Matcha Green Tea and the sweetness of...

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23946-2_197-50_shop Benifuuki Powder - Organic Japanese Tea Powder

"The Catechin-Tea" as a tea powder - with a golden-green colour and finely tart aroma.

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22595_shop Supreme - Organic Japanese Matcha

Matcha freshly ground in Germany with an intense, creamy soft aroma without bitterness.

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21387-1_199-50_shop-Kabuse_powder2 Kabuse Powder No. 2 - Organic half-shaded Tea...

Kabuse Green Tea Powder of the 2nd picking in June. Its strong aroma makes it ideal as a cooking...

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10398_112_shop-Tenbu_Fuka Tenbu Fuka - Organic Japanese Green Tea

"Fuka" means "deep" and indicates that this Kabusecha is particularly deeply steamed. It has an...

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Matcha-Blends-Flyer-p1 Matcha Blends Info Leaflet, German & English

Info leaflet about the KEIKO Blends in German and English.

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Keiko_Info_Broschuere_Matcha_Web_Seite_01 Matcha Info Brochure, German

Overview of the KEIKO Matcha and Kabuse Powder products and background information on the...

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40170-1_507-top-min Tray - Japanese cedar 13 x 13 cm

Square-cut tray from Japanese cedar wood, 13 x 13cm

€6.73 *
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40216-1_523-side-a-2 Cooling vessel, light

White cooling vessel ("Yuzamashi") with indentations for an easy grip, 380ml

€27.29 *
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