Teaspoon, wood


Product number: 40343.1
Product information "Teaspoon, wood"

Item no.: 40343.1

Tea dosing spoon made of wood

Length: 8cm


Origin: China

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Item No. 40160.1 Stainless steel spoon for the accurate measuring of Matcha tea. A lavel spoon measures 1,2g Matcha or 2ml of liquid.

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Item No. 40226.1 Matcha measuring spoon (Chashaku) made of bamboo. Use 1-2 heaped spoons of Matcha (per 100ml) for one bowl of Usucha. The exact amount can vary depending on the type of Matcha and your personal taste, but you will quickly find the right amount of Matcha for your taste after a few tries. Start with a higher dosage and if it is too strong add some extra water and use less powder the next time. Make sure the spoon does not get wet, since the water will roughen the surface making the powder stick to it. Clean with a dry cloth instead.