Apples give these muffins a juicy, fluffy texture, a handful of nuts provide bite, and the hojicha powder adds a surprising roasted tea flavor, somewhere between nut, cocoa, coffee - and tea!

Matcha Affogato

quick, easy and delicious - aren't these always the best recipies? For this one you'll need only 3 ingredients!
Tags: Matcha, sweet

Soft Hojicha Cookies

Deliciously soft cookies just like from your favourite café - but with a little something extra: Hojicha powder!

Matcha and Hojicha Pudding

Pudding - a classic that brings back childhood memories! There are many great flavours, but these two are sure to provide a pleasant surprise.

Hojicha Carrot Cake

What is better than a carrot cake? - A carrot cake refined with Hojicha powder!
So deliciously moist and tasty! The roasted green tea powder gives the cake a very special touch.

Iced Banana Matcha Mylk

Keep some frozen bananas in your freezer during summer time! Why? Well, because the'll make for the perfect Iced Matcha Mylk (or Matcha Nice Cream) during the next hot spell!

Matcha Syrup

A quick and easy topping for desserts and drinks - and an ideal last-minute gift idea for any tea lover!
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