Okumidori is a hybrid of the cultivars Yabukita and Shizuoka No. 16. In Kyoto, Mie, Miyazaki and Kagoshima Okumidori is often cultivated in combination with Yabukita as harvest times are similar and can be prolonged this way.

The cultivar is characterized by a good aroma and its deep green colour, which makes it a popular choice for full shade teas like Tencha and Gyokuro.

Teas with the cultivar Okumidori in the KEIKO Shop

Gyokuro Kiwami - Organic Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro Kiwami - Organic Japanese Green Tea

An exquisite fully shaded tea with an unusual green colour and a sweet-spicy aroma that lingers...

Enjoy a harmonious aroma with the fine sweetness typical of Gyokuro, paired with a refreshing fruity spice and a long, full-bodied aftertaste. For the first time we can now offer a premium Gyokuro from the highlands of Kagoshima. The...
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