Tea Travel Kit

Senchado-Set: Houhin 330ml & 3 Tassen cups 115/90/70 ml mit Körbchen

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Artikelnr.: 40167.1 Senchado-Set bestehend aus einem Houhin Kännchen und 3 Tassen die sich... more
Tea Travel Kit

Artikelnr.: 40167.1

Senchado-Set bestehend aus einem Houhin Kännchen und 3 Tassen die sich ineinander stapeln und im dekorativen Körbchen verstauen lassen.


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Gyokuro Kiwami - Organic Japanese Green Tea Gyokuro Kiwami - Organic Japanese Green Tea

An exquisite fully shaded tea with an unusual green colour and a sweet-spicy aroma that lingers...

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40023-2_379-1 Kyusu teapot, dark green with twig-decor, 390ml

Moss-green Kyusu with engraved plum twigs on the body and lid and an integrated strainer. Maximum...

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40046-1_332 Kyusu teapot, black, flat, 240ml

Artisan Tokoname-Yaki Kyusu. Elegant and finely chiseled with integrated strainer handmade by...

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40010_311-ohne-Struktur-b Kyusu teapot, aubergine, 180ml

Classic cylindric, red-brown Banko-Yaki Kyusu from Yokkaichi made by the artist Suyama. Maximum...

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Kyusu-Kännchen, lehmrot, 200 ml Kyusu-Kännchen, lehmrot, 200 ml

Lehmrotes Kyusu-Seitengriff-Kännchen mit integriertem Sieb und Schnabelförmigem Ausguss. Maximale...

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Sae Tezumi - Organic Japanese Green Tea Sae Tezumi - Organic Japanese Green Tea

Handpicked Kabusecha from the early 1st harvest. A truly select, lively tea with a fresh sweetness.

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40047-2_371 Kyusu teapot, black, chiseled, 390ml

Artisan Tokoname-Yaki Kyusu with an elegant structure and an integrated clay strainer made by...

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40029-1_389 Kyusu teapot, green with floral striped decor,...

Large artisan Tokoname-Yaki Kyusu, light-green with floral pattern and an integrated strainer by...

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Diamond Leaf - Organic Japanese Green Tea Diamond Leaf - Organic Japanese Green Tea

The early picking time of the Diamond Leaf in mid-April gives this excuisite Kabusecha a unique,...

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40033-7_305 Kyusu teapot, brown-green

Small Kyusu Teapot in varying patterns and earthen colours. Maximum capacity 120ml.

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40006-2_331 Kyusu teapot, engraved bamboo, 200ml

Red Kyusu with engraved bamboo-pattern and an integrated strainer. Maximum capacity 200ml.

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Sae Gyokuro - Bio Japan Grüntee Sae Gyokuro - Bio Japan Grüntee

Fully shaded Green Tea with a pristine aroma with the innocent fruity sweetness of young sugar...

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13470-Aracha-Shincha-2020 Aracha Shincha 2020 - Organic Japanese Green Tea

Experience an absolute rarity that conjures up the wild, grassy scent of the freshly harvested...

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10398_112_shop-Tenbu_Fuka Tenbu Fuka - Organic Japanese Green Tea

"Fuka" means "deep" and indicates that this Kabusecha is particularly deeply steamed. It has an...

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142-bancha-color Aki-Bancha - Organic Japanese Green Tea

An Autumn Bancha for everyday enjoyment. It is infused relatively hot and is only allowed to...

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11468_119_shop Dan - Organic Japanese Green Tea

Dan ("warm") is a Kabusecha from the early 1st picking in April. The stronger firing during...

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42201-Glaskanne-Bruhhenne Glass-teapot with stainless steel strainer, 450ml

Glass teapot with take-out stainless steel strainer. Maximum capacity 450ml.

€34.02 *
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42200-Cold-brewer-ooika Cold brewer "ooika"

„Ooika“- Cold brewer fort he preparation of Drip Tea, 600-900ml

€73.01 *
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40045-2_363 Kyusu teapot, black, 380ml

Artisan Tokoname-Yaki Kyusu with integrated strainer by Shunjuu. Maximum capacity 380ml.

€67.26 *
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40037-1_335 Kyusu teapot, loam-green, 290ml

Elegant green Tokoname-Yaki Kyusu with integrated strainer made by Shunjuu. Maximum capacity 290ml.

€58.49 *
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Kyusu teapot, green with striped lid Kyusu teapot, green with striped lid

Green Kyusu with striped lid and integrated strainer. Maximum capacity: 330ml

€63.36 *
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40015-1_373 Kyusu teapot, beige with green stripes

Classic Kyusu teapot with integrated strainer from light-coloured painted clay. Maximum capacity...

€47.77 *
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15566-1_116-Soshun Soshun - Organic Japanese Green Tea

Soshun is a Kabusecha from the early first picking and has a wonderfully complex, velvety...

From €23.50 *
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40159-1_716top-min Bamboo tray

Bamboo tray

€4.83 *
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40144-1_540-5sideb Mini Matcha bowl, moon-rabbit

Mini Matcha bowl with moon rabbit "Tsuki no Usagi".

€22.91 *
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40110-1_499-10-side-min Teacup small, artisan edition, porcelain, 160ml

Beautifully delicate, silky matte, white teacup made in a small manufacture in Germany, 160ml

€43.87 *
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19763_189-50_shop-Ginger-Lemon-Bancha Ginger-Lemon-Bancha - Organic Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Bancha with spicy chunks of ginger and fruity lemon verbena - low caffeine content.

From €8.34 *
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40185-1_505-top-min Saucer, wood

Drip-shaped wooden saucer for all cup sizes.

€17.06 *
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40091-1_459-2-side-min Teacup, green, 185ml

Porcelain teacup painted green on the outside and with a delicate light blue décor on the inside,...

€20.47 *
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22595_shop Supreme - Organic Japanese Matcha

Matcha freshly ground in Germany with an intense, creamy soft aroma without bitterness.

From €40.23 *
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40401-1-shop-1 Matcha Lip Balm

Handmade lip balm with nourishing green tea. Organic and vegan with natural ingredients and rich...

€4.83 *
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18735_156_shop-Houjicha-neu Hojicha - Organic Japanese Green Tea

Hojicha is a roasted green tea with a low caffeine content. With its pleasant roasted note, it is...

From €8.78 *
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Aki Benifuuki - Organic Japanese Green Tea Aki Benifuuki - Organic Japanese Green Tea

The "Catechin tea" from the autumn picking with a high content of the catechin EGCG3 with low...

€9.76 *
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13456-1_118_shop-Tenko Tenko - Organic Japanese Green Tea

A rich, fruity-fresh scent, a characterful, mild and nut-like taste and the strong jade green cup...

From €18.60 *
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21012_shop Mantoku - Organic Japanese Matcha

This wonderful green Matcha is one of the rarities of the tea world! Matcha Mantoku is an...

From €33.36 *
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