Matcha bowl, white with black and blue rim

White, Matcha bowl with a black and blue rim.

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Item No. 40148.1 Glazed, white Matcha bowl (Chawan) from Japan with a black and blue rim.... more
Matcha bowl, white with black and blue rim

Item No. 40148.1

Glazed, white Matcha bowl (Chawan) from Japan with a black and blue rim.

The bowl is about 8cm high and 12,8cm wide. Please note that the shape, colour and size of the tea ceramics can vary slightly! Matcha bowls are usually filled to only about one third with about 100ml per portion. The shape of the bowl is quite wide to leave enough room to easily whisk up your Matcha.


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40224-1side Matcha bowl, purple

Matchaschale mit violett-gesprenkelter Glasur

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Beautifully delicate, silky matte, white teacup made in a small manufacture in Germany, 290ml

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Grünteepulver aus Kabusecha für Matcha und Matcha Latte mit harmonischem, nussig-vollem Aroma.

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Matchabesen-shop Matcha whisk, light, size 80, B-Stock

Matcha whisk made of bamboo, slightly flawed

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Handgefertigte Shino-Yaki Matcha Schale (Chawan) aus orange-rotem Ton mit hellgrüner Glasur.

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40215-1_546-side Matcha bowl, black

Black Mino-Yaki Matcha bowl.

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40127-1_545-side-min Matcha bowl, white

White Mino-Yaki Matcha bowl with uneven rim.

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40073-1_499-16-side Matcha bowl, artisan edition, porcelain

Beautifully delicate, white, silky matte Matcha bowl made in a small manufacture in Germany.

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40218-1 Travel kit: Matcha whisk + spoon, large

Matcha travelkit with Matcha whisk, measuring spoon and a bamboo-container, large

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40199_499-19side-min Glassbowl blue, small

Large red translucent glass bowl

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39765_202_shop-classic-drops KEIKO Classic Matcha Drops, 75g, Organic

Stimulating hard candy with the natural ingredients of Matcha green tea.

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