Glass Carafe, 1,3l, gold

Glass carafe with a golden six petal rosette at the bottom.

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Item No. 40196.2 Shapely carafe with a golden six petal rosette at the bottom. The wavy shape... more
Glass Carafe, 1,3l, gold

Item No. 40196.2

Shapely carafe with a golden six petal rosette at the bottom. The wavy shape of this glass body follows the principle of the golden ratio, making it not only pleasing to the eye, but is said to have a positive effect on the biological valence of its contents after only about 3 minutes in the glass. This is most noticeable in water developing a softer taste. Each glass is unique. Small variations in measurements, air-bubbles in the glass are part of the handcrafted experience. The glass can be cleaned in the dishwasher, however we recommend washing it by hand for a longer life span. To remove lime residue rinse the inside of the glass with water and citric acid. The outside should not be treated with citric acid.


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