Matcha and Hojicha Pudding

Pudding - a classic that brings back childhood memories! There are many great flavours, but these two are sure to provide a pleasant surprise. Depending on the occasion and season, they can be accompanied by fresh berries and fruit, crispy Genmai roasted rice or nuts. In Japan, matcha desserts are often accompanied by anko - a sweet paste made from red beans, found here in Asian markets.


  •     40g starch
  •     40g sugar
  •     500ml (vegetable) milk
  •     1 tablespoon matcha or hojicha powder
  •     To taste: Berries, fruit, Genmai roasted rice or nuts


1. mix starch, sugar and tea powder, then add a small amount of milk and mix.

2. bring the remaining milk to the boil and remove from heat

3. stir the pudding mixture into the hot milk with a whisk and bring to the boil again while stirring.

4. add fruit, nuts and/or Genmai rice, fill into glasses and leave to cool or enjox while still warm!

Tip: Add a pinch of salt to a version with nuts and genmai!


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